Monday, December 28, 2009

A belated merry Christmas

Well, its been a busy time this christmas and we had a lovely day.. finished my stocking to hang up with only hours to spare! Dad whipped up a stocking tree for all our stockings to hang off and I will post a picture and link when I get back to Oz and in my own comforts :)
We spent Christmas day at my sisters, playing on the kids wii and having lots of food and rest. Our family are not tradiitonal christmas fare eaters so it was sushi, corn on the cob, ham, roast lamb, new potatoes, garlic prawns etc. But everyone's wishes were catered for...except my sister promised me roast kumara! and she forgot!... there is a bit of a running joke in my family about how I only come home for kumara (which is new zealand sweet potato and Im sorry but its the best sweet potato you'll ever eat). So she knows when we return to her house - there had better be roast kumara for me!
At the moment we are in one of NZs most popular tourist spots, Rotorua. If you are not familiar with NZ, its is halfway down the north island and is where the thermal activity and bubbling mud is mostly found. It smells a bit like rotten eggs, but that doesnt seem to deter hundreds and thousands of people who come here each year. We are staying with my husbands brother and his family. The kids are loving spending time with their cousins. I have, unfortunately been sick since Christmas eve (although a lot better today) and my poor eldest, Little miss Sunshine is now vomiting and has a bad headache. So my sister in law has taken all the other children to the movies, my hubby and his brother have gone mountain biking and Little Miss Sunshine and I are just hanging out. She's watching a movie and Im making the most of an internet connection :)
My hubby and I are heading off for four nights after new years on our own - very excited about that. It is an early wedding anniversary celebration as will be 10 years in March. Mum and Dad seem to think we are doing them a favour leaving them the kids for five days!!! Miss that...
Anyway... no pics to post at the moment, Im on strike from doing craft for a few more weeks :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

The countdown to Christmas

Every year is the same... I have great plans of what i want to make and heaps of time to do them.. but somewhere along the way it all unravells and Im racing the clock to get things done.

I have spent most of the weekend trying to finish my Christmas presents and today my parents are taking my youngest two out so I can just sew, sew, sew!  Tomorrow I will post some pics of mine and my son's finished Christmas stockings, when I hope they are finished!

Anyway, here is a picture overlooking where my parents live...


leonie 1310

Friday, December 18, 2009

Visiting... visiting and more visiting

Wow! the last week has been crazy busy. We have spent a week visiting family and friends. We've had a great time seeing people we havent seen for almost two years and its nice to just pick up where you left off. I havent taken many pictures but have a few so will try to upload them in the next couple of days, now we are back at my parents. My kids are having a great time although also a bit tired from all the visiting. My hubby arrives on Tuesday - YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kia Ora from Aotearoa

We've arrived safely in NZ and the kids are enjoying having time with my mum and dad. THey are marvelling over all the cows and sheep (but Ive reassured them they have them in Oz too). Also the clouds in the sky LOL! Its a nice cool 20 C here which is a welcome relief after the 32C+ we've been having in Brisbane.
Looking forward to a fun few days with the family and then on to our old hometown to visit more family and friends.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Carnival Birthday Party

Here are some pictures of my darling wee daughter's birthday party last weekend

Big sister worked the ticket booth

All set up and waiting for the guests to arrive

Big brother handing out the popcorn

Lining up for the games

Sack races

The fabulous creative face painters!

And then it was cake time!! A ferris wheel of course for a carnival!

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Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday was the day we picked up my darling daughter's glasses. There was much excitement and parading for all the ladies doing stockings.  At school this morning there was more parading and I was so impressed with the way her teacher and other staff made her feel so special about her glasses.

more pics 188more pics 187

Her teacher stood her up in front of the class and asked if anyone noticed anything different about her, and to show her they thought she looked beautiful by giving her a big smile - too cute. The Deputy Principal saw her and said " oh you look so Beautiful".  Such a nice response.

Today we also received our end of year school reports and portfolios (they finish at midday tomorrow) and my husband and I are so proud of our dear children. Both received outstanding reports and beautiful comments from their teachers. The nice thing is their comments are truly reflective of their strengths and they know our children personally and value them.

We moved our children to their current school at the end of March this year. The school they were at previously was a living nightmare. 2600 children! 10 prep classes! And last year our little boy was assaulted by another student. Our son had only just turned 5 years old. The other boy, his classmate, grabbed his head and smashed his face into a brick wall. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the teacher overlooked it and my poor little boy sat in class all day with a massive haemotoma under his top lip and his front teeth pushed back into his gum.  The school, despite three visits from us, did absolutely nothing. The Principal refused to see us and Education Queensland didnt want to know about it. We were devastated, in shock and disbelief and utterly utterly disappointed.

We moved them to a private Catholic School of 400 students and it is worth every single cent we spend. They are nurtured, valued, loved and taught respect, morals and compassion. The teachers are the cream of the crop and are absolutely amazing .

Phew! now thats out of my system, I guess I continue to be impressed and amazed with our new school, thank you to them for the love they show my children.

I have a whole lot of posts to do but have been snowed under with getting ready for our trip to NZ next week. Im going to try and pop them on before I go but at the moment Im not getting to bed until midnight most nights and then trying hard to keep my eyes open all day... until that second wind arrives!!! and then do it all again - terrible.

Tomorrow Little Miss Sunshine has invited 10 friends to come after school for Christmas craft... totally worth a post!


Leonie XXX