Sunday, October 30, 2011

This week..

This week ...

I got to meet this gorgeous blogger!! Kylie from Mealy and I... we did coffee then checked out an Op shop! Can't wait to catch up again soon!! As with all my bloggy meet ups so far it was so comfortable and easy.

visited Brisbane city, my favourite city!
My Mstr 8 took this photo, on my poxy little snapshot camera, and its a WAY better photo than I took on my DSLR!!
Actually he took 107 photos in about 1 hour... I was severely lacking at only 87 photos all day.... some of his looked like this

most of mine looked like this...
out of focus.. because I tried to use Manual settings, instead of AUTO (my personal favourite!!lol)

I also got to do this during the week.... make another rainbow cake for Miss E's teacher...
It was World Teachers Day.....
The other kids teachers got a special cupcake...
Totally dodgy picture taking, on the car dashboard, with construction in the background and rain on the windscreen.  I hope her teacher didn't look to closely at the words on the heart.... I obviously didn't!! 'murder, burglary' eek!

And the kids wore their bandanas... for Canteen
boy I have cute kids.... just saying...haha.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Op Shop Swap

Hi All
Ive signed up for this swap....

Jody Pearl
It looks like heaps of fun so you should really go check it out!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yo Yo Christmas trees

With Christmas only 8 weeks away (eek!), I thought I should reshare my tutorial from last year for the Yo Yo Christmas trees.

This is my first ever tutorial and I hope it makes sense. The Yo Yo christmas tree isn't my original idea.. I just did my own tutorial because I couldn't find one that suited how I wanted to do it.

This project is great because you don't need a sewing machine and you can take and make your yo-yo's anywhere. I made my yo yo's for the tutorial at the beach!

What you will need: 

*Compass (raided the hubby’s tool box for this)


*Cardboard – I recycled cardboard from cereal boxes and the inserts they use for fat quarters at Spotlight

*Craft glue (I used PVA)


*Fabric marker pen

*Scissors – sewing and paper

*Fabrics (a selection of the colours you want to use)

*Needle and thread (i just used white for all of them)

*Dowel (for big tree I used 6mm)

*Wooden cotton reel (perfect are old vintage style ones – I have a few but would love a whole box of them!!)

*Optional : tulle of various colours

And here's what you do:
Using your compass, ruler and cardboard, make 18 circle templates of the following sizes for the large tree (diameter) 220mm, 210mm, 200mm, 190mm, 180mm, 170mm, 160mm, 150mm, 140mm, 130... etc to 50mm.

 Cut out templates

Draw one of each size onto your chosen fabrics.

 Make each circle into a yo-yo. Here’s a couple of pictures of how I do it and there are plenty of great tutorials on the internet. Thread  your needle leaving a long tail after the knot.

Pull the edges out so it is flat.

Make all 18 of your yo-yo’s. Try not to tie off the smaller ones too tight as they need to fit over the dowel.

Take your cotton reel and piece of dowel and glue the dowel inside the cotton reel (i used pva glue). Allow to dry. Alternatively, you could do this before you start so it is dry to pop your yo yos on.

If you are going to use tulle.. cut several strips as wide as the yo-yos you are putting it below.  Sew a running stitch by hand across the top of the tulle and pull it into a circle. Sew in a circle shape.

Start layering your yo yos onto the dowel, including the tulle layers.. I cut a little snip in the underside of my yo-yo’s so the dowel could feed through it nicely.

You could place a bead on the top to hold them all down.

I then trimmed my dowel with a saw (also raided from my hubby’s tool box).

Pop a star of your choice on top. I made a felt star for my first one and sewed beads on it. Then I found these lovely stars at a local haberdarshery shop which I plan to use for future trees.

And then.....

To make an itty bitty tree...

I bought a packet of wooden spools from the kids craft section at Spotlight.

 For the stick I used some large sized match sticks and broke off the pink bit at the top.then glued it in the little wooden spool, as with the larger one.

 Make only 10 yo-yo’s from size 50mm – 140mm.

Assemble as with the larger tree (I didn’t use tulle for this one as its already quite full looking)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I have been setting Miss K photo challenges ....this is her self portrait at the park.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I must blog.
But I have run out of words.
Some would argue that it is impossible for me to run out of words. That I am afflicted with verbal diarrhea. They would be correct.
But still, no words today.

Unless you want to hear about me falling face first on the concrete this afternoon.
Or singeing off my hairs on my arm on the gas trying to cook dinner.
Or about my 5 year old who has asked for 'cash' for her birthday present and tonight asked for blonde and brown stripes in her hair... (and I was worried about the 10 year old hitting teenage years!).

I promise tomorrow I will be back with something much more interesting to share!!!

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Place and Yours

Linking up with this super cute meme over at Punky & Me
This weeks theme is 'Pincushions'

Last year I saw a cute little toadstool pincushion on another crafty blog and just had to make myself one!

Of course I have about a hundred other pins, but they have all just been picked up off the floor with my magnetic pinholder!!

So join in over here

Friday, October 21, 2011

Universal Craft Blog Directory

Do you have a crafty blog?
Would you like to be included in the Universal Craft Blog Directory.

CraftyRie is the creator of this fantastic idea so head over there now and link your blog up!

Loving on a Friday afternoon

First up, Im loving that its the weekend.

Loving that after a 5 week, patient wait my copy of Mollie Makes has arrived at the local newsagent! Yippee!
Now I just need to sit down with a cuppa and devour it!

Loving this awesome mail that came for me today!!!
I mentioned to Jennie on Twitter that I loved the tape measure ribbon she had on a post and she so kindly sent me some with all these other beautiful things inside! How KIND and thoughtful is she!!
and talented!! you really should go check out her blog A Little vintage. THANKS Jennie, you made my day!
Oh and Im back in the land of tweets and twitter, you can find me here.

Loving all the lovely comments about my bunting in my post yesterday, thanks you lovely people!! I have decided to make some to sell (somewhere, some how?) so watch this space.. I just need to come up with a suitable shop name....

Loving that my baby girl has had her first week at their new school and LOVES it.
When I asked her last night if she thought her new teacher was a better teacher than Mummy, her response, well yes Mum, she KNOWS what she is doing.   Haha.

Loving these little teacups - perfect for the kids and only $2.50 at the local Oppy. One cup is missing but thats fine as I only have three little mouths for which to drink from them.

Linking up with Paisley Jade

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vintage sheet and crochet bunting

Phew, finally my bunting is on its way to its recipients in the Bunting Swap organised by this lovely lady here.

I chose to go with my two passions at the moment - thrifted vintage sheets and crochet.

They are in the mail and hopefully will arrive at their destinations very soon.
It was a great swap to be a part of and I will reveal the bunting I have received soon!!

joining in here

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

socktober today at school
(and yes I did sit up until late sewing buttons on those socks!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some thoughts on blogging

So two years of blogging, and almost 400 posts later... phew. Who knew how addictive this blogging thing would be??


I started out blogging as a way to share my creating, because it is true, my Hubby just DOESN'T get all my crafty makings....And from there is has grown to a blog with so much more.

Blogging inspires me.
As a person who loves to craft, as a parent, as a believer, as a person striving to live a more simple life, as person with coeliacs and other food intolerances, blogging has opened up my world.
There is so much food for thought, so many delicious things to love out there in the blogosphere.
Oh and then there's Pinterest biggest timewaster.

I have learnt so much about myself these past two years. I have learnt that I am much stronger than I ever imagined. I have learnt to have more confidence in my creating.  I have learnt that persistence and patience pay off (yes..ahem, crochet, I won in the end!).

My Mum has learnt a lot too, like the fact that mummy bloggers who you meet over the internet are not likely to be axe-wielding murderers who invite you to the beach with their family.... (hehehe, Simone and Gail, you scary gals!! lol))

And who would have thought that I would have met around 30 bloggers, mostly this year alone!!

And that many of them have became instant, precious and special friends. People you connect with on so many levels and feel like you already know them. Friends you know will be lifelong.

just two of those special girls!

I have learnt that having crazy blogging friends is TOTALLY awesome and posting videos like this and this and this, well, it pretty much rocks. Then this gorgeous girl goes and tops it with this!!! Isnt she amazing!

I guess I am learning, through this blogging gig, to be comfortable in my own skin. That its okay to be me. And heck, I even put photos on my blog of me now!! thats a huge increase in confidence!

A highlight of blogging for me would have to be the 'Softies for Christchurch' drive I did earlier this year. I cried and cried as the toys arrived in droves at my house, from all over the world,  with beautiful messages of support and love for the children of Christchurch.  These have now been distributed and I even have a few photos to share in another post.

I am ever so grateful to my loyal followers and commenters. I'd love to say that the numbers don't matter, but honestly if that were true I would turn off the followers and commenters... so YES I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment.

So pop back in the next day or two because I am organising a couple of giveaways. Just need to complete and post a few other projects first!