Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Acts of Christmas Ornament Giving

While wallowing in homesickness today, I have been thinking back over the past year and the many challenges we have faced in our family.  Its been a crap year. Seriously.

Santa its been a crap year!! (and this is actually ME as a baby circa 1971)

BUT, I am well aware that our life is pretty spectacular compared to some.

Through daily life and blogging I hear so many stories of so many people much worse off than us.

So I've decided to do a little giving at this time of year, with a message of love and peace and I'm calling it the Random Acts of Christmas Ornament Giving.

a decoration made by Miss K last year

I have been making 30 handmade Christmas ornaments this weekend and I will be sending them out to 30 people who have touched my life this year, in whatever way  - however big or small.

People who have inspired me with their strength, those who have taken on challenges placed before them.
People who I don't even know in real life but their stories are on my heart.
People who have shown me the blessing of a beautiful friendship.
People who have challenged me, criticised me (eek thats a tough one.. I might have to forgive them - *gulp*).

I hear my kids running around the house singing at the top 'Happy Birthday Jesus, Happy Birthday Jesus, Happy Birthday Jesus, Thank you for being my friend each day, Thank you for being my friend'

And it reminds me, Jesus is the reason for the season! A gift for all of us. Without his birth there would be no Christmas, whether you are a believer or not.

I want to spread a message of hope and love. To those who have shown me love, those who have hurt me and those who don't even know me.

I am going to change my perspective and change my heart.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creative hooking

I just need to say, I love crochet!  It is such a relaxing hobby that you can take anywhere and I have really fallen in love with it!

This week I have made this boy's beanie....
Using this tutorial here.
I love how it is called a Wave beanie, Ive made it to send as a gift to the USA and it really feels perfect to send something 'beach -inspired' from Queensland.

I also made myself this little mobile phone cover.... just made it up as I went along... first one was a fail, but this one fits perfectly!

What have you been making???

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Challenge update

So here I am, a week late on my Christmas Challenge update...sigh. But I have been plodding along with my crafting.

We did a photo shoot with the kids to do this year's Christmas card... this is our final one....
But I couldn't resist sharing the out takes... because cooperation was apparently not to be had!

No guessing who are the little monkeys in our house!! Miss K just patiently sat holding the sign while the other two acted the goat!

Well Hello and some loving...

Hello!!! Im still here! and a big hi to my new followers!! I feel so undeserving because my blogging has been really slack lately! But I promise I'll get my mojo back...

Life has been pretty busy lately so here's just a little catch up post.

Two lovely friends have surprised me this week with these lovely little gifts (they saw and thought of me :))

Isn't it positively CUTE!!! from TYPO of course :)

and these DO make housework more fun - I swear!!!
Oh how I love red and white polka dots!! hehe

Last week I made another rainbow cake for my cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday... she loves Dorothy so I had a go at making a fondant Dorothy and roses... not perfect but that's what happens when you leave it until 9.30pm the night before.... did someone say procrastinator? why yes I am indeed!

I think she like it........
We've been doing A LOT of this....

its hot!

and a bit of watching Miss K ripping it up the court in her summer netball season...
Miss E on the sidelines wanting to get on the court too!

Better late than never to Kristy's Loving Party :)button2

So I'll be back tomorrow with a catch up of what I've been doing for the Christmas Challenge...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My creative space

Ok, so Ive been a SLACK blogger this past week or so. I think I squeezed out every last word in Blogtoberfest.

But I have been doing a bit of creating.

I made this for one of my besties. She is an awesome photographer and this is to put up in her home studio.
(see very few words, Blogtoberfest cured my verbal diarrhea).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Christmas Pinspiration List

I'm joining in with Polka Dot Daze Christmas Challenge for November, more details here.

My Christmas list is brought to you, courtesy of Pinterest (you can find me here). I've been pinning ideas for Christmas for months now... so a little sorting is necessary!

This year all our Christmas decorations, stockings etc are still in NZ. We are going to have a simple Christmas 'making' do.

So I need to make
*first up - Christmas cards (the blackboard has been purchased, I have the kids and a camera - just need motivation!)
Pinned Image
from Pinterest
* simple stockings for us all
Pinned Image
from Pinterest
* Decorations
Pinned Image
from pinterest

*For my littlest who has her first 'wobbly' tooth
Pinned Image
* This blackboard for my girls
Pinned Image
* soap (my first attempt ever) and lip balm for Christmas gifts

*something cool for my son!

oh and Ive joined a bunch of swaps! eek.

I'll be back to top up this list :)

Better get busy.