Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 : Farewell the year of intense change!

We were reminiscing, today as we celebrate New Years Eve, that this time last year we skipped the 31st December on our way back from the USA to Australia.

It was a brilliant time to fly - hardly anyone else was. We left LAX at 10.30pm on the 30th and arrived at 11am in Sydney on the 1st - no NYE celebrations - we just dove straight into 2013...

I guess you could say we hit the ground running on New Years day and things didn't slow down from there.

2013 you were INTENSE!!

We've moved countries.

Lived at the in-laws (never again).

Bought a house.

Started renovations.

Both of us have started new jobs.

Our kids are well settled into a fabulous school, with the luxury of it going through intermediate as well!

We adopted a new (crazy) kitten and dragged our beloved cat across the ditch with us.

There have ups and downs, health challenges and amazing moments with family.

There has been crafting. Lots of crafting.... my sanity!

a snippet of what has been produced!

Have a safe and Happy New Year and I'll see you on the other side!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Insane Christmas Crafter

There is something weird happening in our house at the moment.

I am on a crafting binge.

Seriously, its insane.

I really have no time for it. I am still working, we are renovating our bathroom and I'm managing to feed the family (most of the time anyway). 

I have no idea what is going on but if only I used my time this effectively all the time!

I'll be back soon with my favourite christmas cookie recipes!

Friday, November 29, 2013

The girl with the golden hair

Today my youngest turns eight.

She flew into the world eight years ago after a 25 minute labour and has brought so much love, laughter and delight into our lives.
her first five days were spent in the NICU
She is quite seriously the funniest person I have ever met. Such a fantastic sense of humour!

This darling girl has such a heart full of kindness. She demonstrates again and again to us what a generous, kindhearted person she is.

She is popular and well loved by her friends. She makes friends easily and naturally attracts people to her.
She often gets awards at school for her generous spirit.

She is very smart and like a thirsty little sponge for knowledge. She is a whizz at Maths .. and well..everything else academic.

She is crazy about cats and kittens and loves to play with Lego and Sylvanian families.

She's beautiful too with her big blue eyes and long blonde hair (I am so biased!).

She's pretty cool, my baby. And I am so blessed to be her Mum xxx

We are celebrating with a party at home with her friends. Last year she spent her 7th birthday in Hollywood, USA.... with jetlag!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Loving life

Hi there! Yeah, I know, I've been away from here for ages... life has been happening, ups and downs galore!
It's fair to say I am over my health this year but the year is not quite over and I have surgery to look forward to, possibly before or just after Christmas.
The last three days I have been in bed with terrible, relentless stomach pains. I faced my fears one night and went off the local A&E for some pain relief. Fortunately, today I am feeling a bit better.

But there is still plenty to love around here!

Surprise mail in the last month or so has blown me away with the kindness of my friends

from my dear friend and creative extraordinaire Jennie

A beautiful picnic blanket & goodies from the incredible Deb, Gillian and The Sisterhood
from the amazing Gillian

We've been raising a little terror (don't let the cuteness fool you)
these two are becoming quite close

 Teaching our kids to fish

Eating from our amazing garden
yes those are fairy lights while we have no power in the bathroom!

Eating s'mores

And believe it or not... this is a weird thing to love, but when I went to the A&E a few nights ago the doctor told me he needed to do blood tests. I said that's fine but I'm terrified of any other needles. Like irrationally terrified. Paralysed with fear.
He proceeded to do the 'blood test' and man it stung! Then I looked down and he had very swiftly put in a lure (MY HUGE FEAR). I told him I thought he was just really bad at taking blood, lol. 
But I appreciated his sneaky tactics so much. It meant I could get pain relief super fast, without all the overwhelming anxiety, shaking and tears I usually experience.
Last time I had surgery it took 8 attempts to get one of them in. It may have helped with upcoming surgery (maybe). 

I'll leave you with this

My evolving sewing room....

What are you loving???

Joining in with the lovely Meghan for the first time in aaaages

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recipe for a bed makeover: My creative space

take one ugly divan bed from the second hand store
add some elbow grease to sand and undercoat
and race to finish it before your daughter gets home
yes, those trophies on her shelf are all her's earned at netball over the last few years
Add a zig zag vintage sheet quilt and polka dot knobs to match her little desk
and you have one happy girl!

Next up is replacing the curtains, stripping the wallpaper and painting and then the best bit... ripping up the carpet!!!

Joining in with Show and Tell

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dishcloth swap : the goodies!

Thanks everyone who took part in the dishcloth swap!

It was a lovely little swap and it certainly has got my dishcloth mojo going.

First up, here is the beautiful package I received from Kimberley 

Lots of cute little goodies!!!

And these beautiful dishcloths! almost too lovely to use

Thanks Kimberley!

I sent my package off on Monday so I hope my secret swap partner has received it!

I included a couple of crochet dishcloths
and some Peppermint and Tea tree cleaning paste (the best cleaning paste ever!) You can find the recipe here and read more about our chemical free living here
And in the meantime there's been so much dishcloth making... all in preparation for Christmas
car crochet
growing piles

wrapped already! who is this organised person???

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sew Funky: Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap 2013

Be sure to pop over to Sew Funky and sign up to join in with this years Kiwi Ornament Swap!
I've done it twice and its such fun!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four years!!

Today it is four years since I started blogging. Four years and 550+ posts.

I started this little blog to share my crafting, parties, cakes and bits and pieces with other like minded people.

I have been thinking about how much our lives have changed during those four years.

When I started this little blog I had two chidren at school and a preschooler. We were living in Brisbane and the house we were living in had heaps of space so I had lots of room to spread my craft out!

In four years we have seen all our kids go off to school, we have moved back to NZ not once, but twice (so that's three international moves in four years!) and lived in 6 different houses (no wonder I'm exhausted!).

I have learned to crochet and am now addicted to making quilts!

We've had the joy of taking our kids to the USA on an amazing holiday and we are watching them blossom into awesome people!

Four years ago I had just started having problems with gluten and since then have been diagnosed with coeliacs and also become intolerant to dairy, egg, tomatoes and chicken. If  you had told me that four years ago I probably wouldn't have believed you! Mostly its something I just deal with...but its not without some stressful time and tears too.

This year I've had to let some things go in my life so I had room for other things to come in. My focus is on my crafting, my family and maintaining part time work so I can also focus on my health. I feel like I have my crafting mojo back - finally!

I thought I'd share with you a few of my past favourtie posts

Wild West Party

Arty not a party

Socially Intolerant

Oh Deer  - Amigurumi Deer


Baking Party

Yo Yo Christmas Tree Tutorial


I'd like to thank all of my readers for sticking by me when the blogging was (is!) sporadic and for those who take time to comment, I really appreciate it!

And to those who have become real life friends... I feel blessed!!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The quilt with a story

It's finished.
It took about 4 or 5 years.
It has been back & forward between Australia & NZ.
I decided to hand quilt every square/rectangle...queen size and hand quilted!
We upgraded to a King size bed during the making - but I am determined it will stay on our bed.
It is made up of many of my favourite fabrics, Oily Lily, Amy Butler...and backed with red & white polka dots - of course.
I love it.
I am immensely proud.

Joining in here, here and here.