Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Return to sender

So... here we are.. HOME!!!

As my blog says, I am such a Kiwi at heart and last Thursday we arrived in our homeland.

a first glimpse of NZ
The peace I feel about this move home is enough to know this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

The lead up to the move was kind of insane.
Moving is insane... international moving - notches things up by 100 fold I think. There were movers, suitcases to pack, a cat to organise to travel, a bond clean on the rental, plus good byes to friends and comforting our children who were both excited and sad at the same time.

Cat bombing the photo

On our return from our amazing trip to the USA, visiting my host family from my student exchange, hubby and I both agreed it was time to go home. We need our families in our lives on a regular basis. Hubby applied for jobs, went for interviews and a great job landed in his lap.

Ever since then things seem to be falling into place. On arriving home his Dad had found him a great (cheap) car and things are happening for us, almost effortlessly.

As the plane touched down I started to cry, tears of joy. Two and a half years of living in limbo wondering where we were supposed to be and we were finally home. As the Customs Officer processed our passports I started to cry again (sook!). The emotions were overwhelming... my preteen was overwhelmed with shame...*snigger*

Our kitty cat arrived the day after us... what a rigmarole! But she's totally worth it. She was so miserable when we collected her after going back and forward between about 15 different buildings!

Yesterday we drove up to my Mum and Dad's in Northland and it was a very emotional welcome. Mum and Dad haven't seen their grandchildren for almost 19 months.
Miss 11 is almost as tall as Nana
We have a crazy busy few (six) weeks ahead of us with exciting times catching up with family and friends, the BLOGGERS conference! and another little trip back to Oz for hubby and I for a dear friends wedding.

So here we are. Hopefully my blogging will gain some momentum and I will FINALLY blog about our trip to the USA, all the crafting that's been going on in the background, etc.

With love
The KIWI at heart AT home

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I've been missing from here for a bit... I haven't even caught up with blog reading lately. Sorry, I love reading your blogs.. I just haven't the energy.

A stack of stuff is going on here.

I have felt pretty rotten for a couple of weeks and yesterday found out I have a nasty bowel infection due to giardia. One of my children has also tested positive for giardia and we are waiting on results for the rest of the family.

I have all three kids at home while we wait because its really contagious (I didn't know)

In two weeks we move back to New Zealand and I can't imagine how I will have everything organised for the move when I can hardly get myself out of bed at the moment.

I was so smug on our return from the USA about how it was their worst flu season ever and not a sniffle in our family.... that smugness has now turned around to bite me on the bum... with a nasty little parasite coming home with us.

Although I am in a lot of pain and discomfort I am soooo thankful to have the awesome Doctor that I do. She is really quite amazing.

When she had to prescribe me not one, but two high strength antibiotics, she knew how devastated I was.

Two autoimmune diseases mean that I have leaky gut and lots of food allergies. For three years I have worked so hard to heal my gut .It is something that pretty much dictates my life. This is so huge for me.

The Giardia and antibiotics will undo all my hard work and to me, its absolutely devastating.

But at least I have the tools to start again and heal it as fast as I can.

As soon as I have more energy I have heaps to blog about... swaps I've been part of,  our exciting move and special angels in my life.