Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Loving

Last Saturday was my birthday. You're only as old as you feel ...right??

Because I was going to Christchurch my family took me out for dinner the weekend before
they REALLY liked the menu ;)
On the actual day, I was very lucky and spent it with around 60 Bloggers and two of my birthday week bloggy buddies (try saying that fast), Jacksta and Meghan.

There was a party, in a restaurant, with fairy lights... with a special meal for me...
what??? that wasn't MY party??? ...hehe

My lovely bloggy friends spoiled me with gifts..

Cat made me THE most beautiful hot water bottle cover ever!!!

Simone bought me this cool as necklace!

There was cake and chocolate and a lovely card, a yummy breakfast (thanks Gail!) and sparkling pink grapefruit (Kristy!). And a yummy cupcake candle from Widge.

I may or may not have purchased myself some gifts from the Make Cafe.

It was a great day, with lots of messages of love.

When I got home my kids showered me with love and a banner and handmade cards.

My son made me one of a sardine. Because he loves sardines.
I love my son.

and a big parcel was waiting for me from Australia....
As soon as I saw the return address I knew (in my extra tired state) I was going to cry!

My very dear and lovely friend Jennie had conspired with my eldest daughter to make this BEAUTIFUL doll!!!!
EEK!!! She's so gorgeous! My very own A little Vintage Doll!!!

And... her name is....

Thanks Jennie I LOVE her!!

Thank you to everyone for making my day week so special!!!!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh how I love thee Pinterest

I'm such a pinterest junkie. I LOVE that site. All of the pretties, the inspiration, the tutorials!!!
You can follow me and my 4000 something pins here!

A little while ago I stumbled across this gorgeous cross stitch canvas.

Which led me to this beautiful blog...Solgrim  and the instructions to make it.

It immediately made me think of my beautiful friend Cat with it's Cath Kidston style flowers.

I painted the canvas with some left over paint from my daughters bed (Dulux Laguna Teal because I know you are going to ask) and with some graph paper and some coloured pencils made my pattern (using the one in the tutorial).

I then taped it to the canvas with masking tape and punched holes in all the squares with a needle.

Stitching was quite hard work pushing it through the canvas (and paint) but I love how it turned out.

Of course I gifted it to the lovely lady who inspired me to make it, Cat.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What will I wear? Can I be comfortable in my own skin?

This is a keeping it real post for me. And the title does NOT mean I am coming to the conference in my birthday suit! (although it is my birthday on the weekend!)

As the Around the Table Bloggers conference approaches in a few days, my anxiety levels are rising and panic attacks are bubbling around the surface making me think it would be easier to pull out than to put myself in a social situation where I may feel out of place...or worse still, invisible *gasp*.

Don't get me wrong, I am in awe of those Christchurch girls. I have utter admiration for them. They are so amazing with what they have pulled together. Utterly amazing.

And there are so many bloggers I want to meet in real life. So many.

I just feel my blogging has been a little... um... absent. My connecting through commenting has been, um... absent. My blog reading -- in the same category.

So much has been happening for us ... the international move was so intense, trying so hard to get on top of a bowel infection, living out of a suitcase (again) at my in laws, testing me to all my limits.

A couple of weeks ago I was worried about what I was going to wear and then I got over that and decided to just wear what I'm comfortable in. But now it's about being comfortable in my own skin.

The reality is we are all coming from our different REAL lives with our REAL selves on show. It's a little painful to reveal those things we can hide on our blogs...
Like my little toes have no toe nails? yes, really.

I know from experience that I LOVE bloggers, especially those I meet in real life, so please come and say hello on the weekend. I'm pretty good at covering up my insecurities most of the time, with loudness and inappropriate laughter, but just know I will be a quivering mess underneath it all.

I'm not naturally a huggy person but I have learnt to hug (thanks boob-squishing huggy American host family!) and if you say something kind I am likely to cry. Just warning you.