Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You are TEN!

Today our very precious boy is ten years old.
This beautiful, sweet kid was such a miracle. We were told I'd never carry a baby and he was our second.
We nearly lost him at birth and then again at 11 weeks old.

He is every bit a miracle and a blessing in our lives.

At the moment he loves Lego, Star Wars and Chess. He still kisses his Mum goodbye in public and tells me he loves me all the time. I love this kid. So. Much.

So here are ten piccys of the birthday boy and none of them are the same size... because this Mama is having a 'moment' about her babies growing up too fast.


Love Mum

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter writing kits for children

When I first started blog reading in 2009, this lovely blog inspired me to start my own blog.

Recently Mel shared a post about making letter writing kits.

My girls have made friends with two very special girls in Australia and want to keep in touch via good old fashioned snail mail. We decided to use the tutorial and make some letter writing kits to gift their special friends.

In their favourite colours of course..

We stamped some blank envelopes and paper with some cute stamps we bought at Typo

We added a pen and there's a little pocket for postage stamps.

 I really love encouraging the idea of writing letters and I hope I will be more encouraged to do so too.
There is something quite special about opening up the mail box to a REAL letter!!!!

Joining in with the creative peeps over here....

 Show & Tell Thursday's

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Nature Fresh’s Simply Fibre

My younger two children LOVE sandwiches and they especially love nice soft white bread!

We were asked to review a new Nature Fresh bread called Simply Fibre.

It was afternoon tea, the troops were hungry from school, swimming lessons and shopping for soccer gear.

It called for a HAPPY SAMMIE!!

The kids loved this new bread and Mummy is happy because of the extra fibre!

where to start?

So much has been happening in our lives that I really don't know where to start with a blog post. I feel so far behind and haven't even blogged about our trip to the USA yet (was it really five months ago?) or the Blogger's conference in Christchurch.

I haven't told you about the house we bought!!! (unless you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest...major pinning overload for house ideas).

Or the IKEA 'catalogue' I made with these lovelies.
Kristy, Anya and Weza

Or the week I went back to Aussie and saw some special friends and was honoured to be invited to a dear friends wedding.

I haven't told you about my awesome Mum and Dad who had our children while I was away.
Yes one is wearing the Christening gown and the other has a tongue that always pops out for photos.
Or the amazing toadstools my Dad made me for my birthday.

But, I'll blow off the cobwebs and be back to share.