Thursday, August 29, 2013

Painted Pots

During the holidays I bought a bunch of terracotta pots and we took them and my paints up to my sisters in Northland, and spent time painting pots.

It was a huge hit with the kids and my Dad made one too!

Once painted, we sealed them with two coats of a water based polyurethane so that we can plant directly into them.

It was a cheapish project that has provided hours of creative time for us all.

You can now find them dotted all over our house.. in all their quirkiness.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Loving : The lifting fog

I am loving the fog lifting, metaphorically and literally.

A loooong winter is finally showing glimpses of giving way to Spring.
I am discovering with delight some little gems that have been hiding away in our garden.

A week or two ago, this was the daily in the Waikato
But the sun is starting to smile on us more frequently and it's starting to warm up (a little).

The fog of having the worst thyroid levels I have ever had is lifting too. I am finally feeling more awake and an annoying eye twitch has finally abated. Other symptoms (some a bit personal to share and some plain weird) are also starting to pass and I feel more human.
Thyroid levels take some time to come up so I am trying to be patient.

I am loving filling our home with plants
even in a wonky painted pot I made.
Plants are creeping in everywhere

They are popping up everywhere (and there's many many more!).
Plants make me so happy.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A special little blue desk

Years ago my Dad gave me a cute little sewing desk. It's very precious because his Dad made it and he passed away when my Dad was only 18 years old.

It has been to Australia and back with us and a few years ago I sanded it back ready for a repaint.

Miss 12 wanted a desk for her room but has very limited space.
While she was at her Nana's for a few days in the holidays I decided to surprise her with a revamped desk.

She LOVES a paint colour called 'Laguna Teal'  that we used to paint her bed in Australia. Fortunately, the very helpful staff at Bunnings in Hamilton could look up the 'recipe' for that colour and make it for me!!

And then... the perfect little wee ceramic knobs

It's pretty little desk looking so cute in her room (and I will share it in its full glory when she cleans up her room!)

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This year we are doing themed birthday dinners for our kid's birthdays and Miss 12 chose a theme we all love! Mexican Fiesta (although I was quite happy to settle for a Mexican Siesta).

Most of this came together on the day or night before... such a procrastinator.

We put the Mexican blanket we bought on the border of Mexico to good use as a table cloth. Bright plates for the food and brown paper place mats.

Tissue paper and tulle pom poms and lanterns filled the ceiling above the table for lots of bright colour.

Miss 12 and I made some mini Pinata donkeys (from here) to hang down and for each of her friends to take home.
I also (foolishly) made mini amigurumi cacti (using this pattern) for decorations and take home gifts ... I say foolishly because on the day I still had three to make before the party started! Nothing like a bit of crocheting stress!
I'm going to have to make more of these... I love cacti and love mini things!

We kept the food simple with nachos (and dare I say pizza for those who dont eat Mexican - who doesn't eat Mexcian??). There was jelly and icecream for desserts... not very Mexican! And Sombrero cookies made by Miss 12 (idea from here).

We made a big bowl of punch which was a huge hit.

The girls took some crazy pictures with a few props.

The cake was a last minute idea I found on Pinterest the day of the party (my procrastination really is bad). I had JUST enough fondant with mere tiny scraps left over. She loved it (phew) and a great time was had by all.

I am loving doing themed dinners instead of parties!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Op shop finds

During the holidays I was very lucky to have some very awesome op shop and Retro Fair finds!

Three typewriters...which kind of constitutes a collection!
A cute little old camera.
And a rummage at a very cool second hand shop with a whole corner of Crown lynn! I didn't last there long though because the owner was smoking like a chimney!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Loving : This is the one when I tell you how awesome my husband is

Next week it is 16 years since I met my hubby. 13 1/2 years since we got married.
And I want to tell you my husband deserves an award.

In fact right here, right now I am giving him an award. For being the best husband in the world.

borrowed from here
The past month has been a really tough one in our house.

I got a job, which is a good thing. Really good. However, the same week my health crashed and burned.
I was trying to train in a new job, full time hours and be a Mum the rest of the time with literally no metabolism. The worst thyroid levels I've ever had. Kind of like trying to run through mud.
I will spare you the symptoms.

The timing was really, really rotten.

My hubby was getting up at 5.30am everyday. He worked his full day and then was home in time for the kids. He made dinner (remembering this has to be gluten, dairy and egg free - no takeaways), did homework  with the kids, juggled after school activities and got everyone ready for bed. He did ALL the washing (and he refuses to use a clothes dryer - even in Hamilton!). And then, while I was almost passed out on the couch with exhaustion I had no control over, he did all the dishes and did his contract work until late in the evening.

To say I am grateful is a complete understatement. He is amazing. Because he has done so without complaining and because he has carried our family through this time all on his own.

So I am loving him. An amazing, selfless, patient person (who would hate me gushing on about him).

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Makings and Musings

I've been doing a bit of making lately.
Snippets of precious time to do the things that feed my soul.
Making gifts of love for others.

Last week I returned to work. School hours for the next 14 months.
With the extra money we will do renovations, pay for the healthcare I need and hopefully put some aside for a holiday somewhere at some stage. If I don't spend it all buying craft stuff ;) A wool shop is handily located to the office.

I opened a felt shop here

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The best years

I became the Mum of a twelve year old. She's a beautiful girl with such a lovely heart. 
I am so proud of her, the glimpses of the young woman she will become swell my heart.
She's almost as tall as me and I find myself having to do a double take when we are walking together and I can speak to her without glancing down. These really are the best years.

We've been pimping her room

and making her cool stuff

And this weekend we are having a Mexican Fiesta to celebrate with her friends.... although today a Mexican Siesta would be more my style....

Love you my darling girl