Friday, November 29, 2013

The girl with the golden hair

Today my youngest turns eight.

She flew into the world eight years ago after a 25 minute labour and has brought so much love, laughter and delight into our lives.
her first five days were spent in the NICU
She is quite seriously the funniest person I have ever met. Such a fantastic sense of humour!

This darling girl has such a heart full of kindness. She demonstrates again and again to us what a generous, kindhearted person she is.

She is popular and well loved by her friends. She makes friends easily and naturally attracts people to her.
She often gets awards at school for her generous spirit.

She is very smart and like a thirsty little sponge for knowledge. She is a whizz at Maths .. and well..everything else academic.

She is crazy about cats and kittens and loves to play with Lego and Sylvanian families.

She's beautiful too with her big blue eyes and long blonde hair (I am so biased!).

She's pretty cool, my baby. And I am so blessed to be her Mum xxx

We are celebrating with a party at home with her friends. Last year she spent her 7th birthday in Hollywood, USA.... with jetlag!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Loving life

Hi there! Yeah, I know, I've been away from here for ages... life has been happening, ups and downs galore!
It's fair to say I am over my health this year but the year is not quite over and I have surgery to look forward to, possibly before or just after Christmas.
The last three days I have been in bed with terrible, relentless stomach pains. I faced my fears one night and went off the local A&E for some pain relief. Fortunately, today I am feeling a bit better.

But there is still plenty to love around here!

Surprise mail in the last month or so has blown me away with the kindness of my friends

from my dear friend and creative extraordinaire Jennie

A beautiful picnic blanket & goodies from the incredible Deb, Gillian and The Sisterhood
from the amazing Gillian

We've been raising a little terror (don't let the cuteness fool you)
these two are becoming quite close

 Teaching our kids to fish

Eating from our amazing garden
yes those are fairy lights while we have no power in the bathroom!

Eating s'mores

And believe it or not... this is a weird thing to love, but when I went to the A&E a few nights ago the doctor told me he needed to do blood tests. I said that's fine but I'm terrified of any other needles. Like irrationally terrified. Paralysed with fear.
He proceeded to do the 'blood test' and man it stung! Then I looked down and he had very swiftly put in a lure (MY HUGE FEAR). I told him I thought he was just really bad at taking blood, lol. 
But I appreciated his sneaky tactics so much. It meant I could get pain relief super fast, without all the overwhelming anxiety, shaking and tears I usually experience.
Last time I had surgery it took 8 attempts to get one of them in. It may have helped with upcoming surgery (maybe). 

I'll leave you with this

My evolving sewing room....

What are you loving???

Joining in with the lovely Meghan for the first time in aaaages